We are the best at Transportation

Provide freight and warehousing

We appreciate your trust greatly! Our clients choose us and our services because they know we’re the best.

High level of provisioned services

Truck dispatching

We keep your business moving so you can focus on driving. It is our pleasure to serve as your truck dispatcher company here at Truck Lodges.


We provide all the necessary support and assistance to have the job done right, time and time again, while you are out there on the road.

Document Management & Paperwork

Truckers and trucking companies can choose from a wide range of solutions we offer. We provide dispatch services that are dedicated to providing you with the best possible support.

Factoring service

It depends on your business model, scope of operations, and level of risk that you are willing to take on whether or not to use a truck factoring service.

Rate negotiation

The services we provide go beyond simply negotiating average rates, and we help you position your brand and operation at the forefront of the market.

SAFETY / DOT compliance

The back end of maintaining compliance with regulations and industry directives can be a pain for many business owners. There is no one who likes paperwork, and keeping up with all the changes can be a challenge.

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